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Benefits of Insulation


Why insulate my home?

Regardless of season, insulating protects your home from the elements. According to the Department of Energy, heating and cooling accounts for 50-70% of energy consumption in the average American home. Insulating can help save money, make your home more comfortable and make your walls, ceilings and floors warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

But what if I already have insulation?

Insulating technology has changed drastically over the past decade. Many homeowners are surprised to find the existing Fiberglass batts in their basement and/or attic barely provide respite when walls or vents are improperly addressed. Below is a great image of air movement in a house and key areas to target.

​What is air sealing?

​Ever walked into a freezing room and felt like you just turned the heat up? Warm air dissipates in all homes, regardless of age, through something called the chimney effect. Cold air infiltrates through leaks and cracks in the foundation and walls not always visible to the naked eye, and rises through the floors and walls, carrying your warm air through leaky duct work, poorly insulated attic floors and improperly sealed areas in general. We target these problem areas with expanding foams, non-expanding foams, caulk, insulation, and various types of weatherstripping. At the conclusion we will test pressure levels with combustion safety tests and/ or a blower door test.
What steps should I take to make sure my home is the most efficient possible?

Home energy auditors can diagnose your home and prescribe fixes to help improve your comfort and lower your energy costs. Many homeowners qualify for a No Cost Home Energy Audit through Mass Save program, and up to $2000 incentives for insulating your home. Call (857) 293-9770 to start the process!